NFT IPFS Checker

A serious NFT project, in order to protect its collection over time, should use decentralized storage solutions such as IPFS.
Digital art is a worth that needs to be preserved over time.

In fact, there have been many cases of NFT projects that have not guaranteed this, and host their images on centralized servers. As a result, the owner risks in a few years to lose his work (because the files reside on a space that remains operational as long as it is paid by the creators of the collection).

This is why we decided to create a tool to support the entire AVAX community. All you need to do is to insert below the contract address of your NFT collection and the numeric token ID of a NFT from this collection.
If you don't know the token ID, you can leave the field blank, and the tool will try to find a token ID for that contract.

Our tool will analyze the contract and tell you which service is being used to store your work, including whether it is considered safe or if further investigation is needed.

Collection name or contract address
Token ID (optional)