Middle Fucking Token

Unique NFT collection, designed by ElMedio crew,
with $MFT Ecosystem and Marketplace. Built on Avalanche.

Mint (coming soon)


The MiFuTo project plays on the concept of NFT (Not Fungible Token), but using the M instead of the N we want to recall the word middle, middle Finger in this case, and we don't want with the N to affix a NOT negation. The middle finger is our fuck off, not gratuitous, it is a protest fuck off through a gesture of protest, which finds its artistic outlet in illustrations.

Owning your MFT you can:

Receive marketplace rewards (based on rarity)

Be eligible to ecosystem token Airdrop $MFT

Receive partnership benefits on Avax ecosystem

Own an unique NFT, designed by an artistic crew

Get Ready for minting event

  • days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds

1 - How to configure your metamask
2 - Add event on your Google Calendar

0/10.000 MFT Minted



  • September

    Legendary MFT drawing and smart contract development start

  • October

    Start Minting (End October)
    MFT will be available for all! And freely mintable on Avax chain

    50% Minted
    MFT giveaway! We will raffle 3.000$ price to MFT Holders, selected random!

    75% Minted
    Marketplace development unlock. We will be releasing our custom marketplace that earns royalties. Purchases on this market will also be reflected to MFT Holders.
    Second giveaway! We will raffle 7.000$ to MFT Holders!

    100% Minted
    Development of $MFT Token for DAO and ecosystem unlock (Q1 2022)
    Super raffle with 10.000$ to MFT Hodler.
    Send also 10k$ donation to ONLUS for protection of women's rights in Afghanistan (certified donation).

  • Nov - Dec

    - Marketplace ready, with token holder rewards system claimable
    - Giveaway distribution
    - Partenership Initiative

  • Q1 2022

    (with 100% mint level reached)
    - TGE of $MNT token & Airdrop for MFT hodler
    - Marketing campaign
    - DAO System

  • Q2 2022

    -Gaming platform
    -DEX development


MiFuTo is a project created by ElMedioCrew. The middle finger is our fuck off. Not a gratuitous fuck off but a protest one, represented by a gesture which finds its artistic way in illustrations. The MFT will run on the Avax C-Chain blockchain.

You can purchase a MiFuTo by using Metamask clicking on the voice "Mint" when the project will be launched. Please see the link below showing the guide on how to set up and configure Metamask for the Avalanche C-Chain network;

Metamask, configured on the Avalanche network.

The price is on a stage of definition, you'll be updated a week before the launch.

We implemented a limit of 20 MiFuTos in each transaction.

The MiFuTo will have different levels of rarity which corresponds to various characteristics and achievable rewards. There are 3 tiers of rarity: Legendary which will be on a very limited number (max 20 units), Rare that will be on a max of 2500 units, and common that will be 7480 units. The MFT of Legendary type are hand drawn by our wonderful crew (ElMedioCrew), while the rare and common are generated dynamically by an algorithm, using the hand drawn characteristics appropriately designed (hairs, eyes, mouth, beard, accessories)

There isn't a confirmed date yet, surely by the end of October. Stay Tuned!!

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